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Free Vs. Premium Profiles

True North

is for artists

We offer artists free or premium profiles to showcase their work to people all across the north state.

Watch the video and compare features below to find an account that's right for you.

Basic (Free) Account:

With a Basic account, artists are included in a searchable artist directory and have access to a network covering five counties. They also get a free Artist Profile with the following features:

  • An Image Gallery to upload three works of your art.
  • An Artist Statement to describe your work.
  • An area to input a link to a website of your choice.
  • Social media links to share your work on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Premium Account:

With a Premium account artists get all of the features in the basic account plus the following major additions to your Artist Profile:

  • Full Image Gallery - An additional 15 images to include in your gallery.
  • Three Videos - The ability to link up to three YouTube videos.
  • Unlimited Artist Statement - An Artist Statement with a fully featured customization panel to design your statement just how you want it.
  • Public Event Listings - The ability to add your own events to the public calendar for all five counties to see.



Limited Image Gallery

More Info
Includes an area to upload three images of your work.
Included Included

Limited Artist Statement

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Includes an area to enter a maximum of four lines describing your work.
Included Included

Website Link

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Includes an area to add a website link.
Included Included

Social Media Links

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Includes links to share your profile and your work.
Included Included

Three Videos

More Info
Includes areas to link to three YouTube videos.
Not Included Included

Full Image Gallery

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Includes an area to upload 18 images of your work.
Not Included Included

Public Event Listings

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Includes the option to add your events to the public calendar, which can be viewed by all five counties.
Not Included Included

Unlimited Artist Statement

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Includes an area to enter an unlimited and fully customizable artist statement describing your work.
Not Included Included

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